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Na zasedání v Kodani 1. června byl do funkce výkonného ředitele DLM Fóra, nadace sponzorované Evropskou komisí, jmenován bývalý vícepresident pro Evropu, Střední východ a Asii, společnosti Gartner, pan John Leigh. Za své hlavní cíle si vytyčil rozšíření členské základny a zvýšení vlivu DLM Fóra v oblasti Information Governance jak v soukromém, tak i veřejném sektoru.

Celou tiskovou zprávu přebíráme v angličtině:

DLM Forum Press Release

Growing DLM Forum Appoints John Leigh as First Managing Director of the European Commission–‐sponsored Foundation

6th June 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark – As announced at the DLM Forum meeting in Copenhagen this week, John Leigh will take up the position of Managing Director of the DLM Forum Foundation effective from the 1st July 2012. John is one of Europe’s most experienced and capable executives. He was formerly Group Vice President, EMEA, for Gartner Executive Programs. John’s new role will focus on expanding the membership base of the DLM Forum, and extending its influence in Information Governance across both the public and private sectors in Europe and beyond. He will also be responsible for the day–‐to–‐day running of the DLM Forum and overseeing its widening range of activities and projects.

“We are delighted to have found a candidate with the expertise and authority that John will bring to the position of Managing Director,” said Eric Ketelaar, the incoming Chair of the DLM Forum, “John’s experience in leading and growing subscription and member services businesses will prove invaluable. His mission is to ensure that the DLM Forum continues to grow successfully as the leading European centre for events, networking, standards and guidelines in Information Governance.”

The DLM Forum is a pan–‐European subscription–‐based community of public archives and parties interested in Information Governance. It is a not–‐for–‐profit foundation that was created through an initiative of the European Commission in 1994 with support from the national archives of European Union member states. Its current members include both public and private archives, government bodies, universities and research institutes, suppliers, end users, consultants, regulators and associations from across Europe and beyond.

The DLM Forum sets international standards and guidelines for Information Governance including in digital archiving and electronic records management. The Forum recently developed and published MoReq2010, the first of a new generation of purchasing specifications that delivers Information Governance to users in all government and commercial organisations and provides technical and implementation guidance for vendors across Europe.

“I am delighted to step up to this newly created position. At the Copenhagen AGM the forum’s members have adopted an expansive and future–‐focussed vision for Information Governance. This is what drew me to the job,” stated John Leigh who will become the first Managing Director in the foundation’s history, “The DLM Forum is well known for its authoritative contributions to European industry and government. Its latest contribution is the innovative MoReq2010 standard. I look forward to helping to take the foundation to the next level.”

As part of its new programmes and directions revealed in Copenhagen, the DLM Forum will be launching a series of Information Governance events starting later in Autumn 2012, and will be establishing new European projects, initiatives and services for its members and subscribers.

DLM Forum:


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